Born in Buffalo, N.Y., noted author and educator Chayym Zeldis went to Israel in 1948, where he worked on various agricultural settlements. He served in the Israel Defense Forces and in the Sinai campaign of 1956. He returned to the U.S. on a Creative Writing scholarship to the New School for Social Research.

Zeldis and his wife, Nina, are now settled in Israel, where both currently teach at Tel Aviv University.

Here on his official site you will find information about his published and unpublished works, excerpts from some of his novels and poetry collections, and information about his current activities. You may contact Chayym Zeldis by clicking on the email button.

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THE 200TH MESSIAH tells the story of Alan Tate and his wife, Margie, an American Christian couple in their 60's, who arrive in Israel with their church group, but go off on their own. In the Old City of Jerusalem, Margie, struck in the head by a stone, is rushed to the hospital, where she hovers between life and death in a coma. Alan's reaction leads to his arrest and subsequent transfer to a psychiatric facility. Dr. Schechter tries to bring Alan out of his "psychotic episode;" Dr. Ben-Ami believes that Alan is a victim of the "Jerusalem Syndrome;" Dr. Shmuel Hadashi takes a desperate gamble to rescue Alan from his despair. THE 200TH MESSIAH deals with evil, love, loss, vengeance and--ultimately--the question, "Who is sane?"

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